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Jelm Mountain, Wyoming

The University of Wyomings 2.3-meter telescope is located at the Wyoming Infrared Observatory (WIRO) about 25 miles southwest of Laramie, WY on the summit of Jelm Mt. and at an altitude of 9656 ft. (2943m). This site was chosen because: (1) the dryness of the air, an important consideration for infrared astronomy since moisture strongly absorbs infrared radiation, (2) comparatively low turbulence in the air above the mountain, (3) a dark night sky, (4) close proximity to the University of Wyoming, and (5) pre-existing road, electricity and phone lines since Jelm was formerly used by the US Forest Service and BLM as a fire lookout station.

Aperture: 2.3 meters   Latitude: 41 03 N
First light: 1977 Longitude: 106 00 W
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Elevation: 2900 meters