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USA (1868 - 1938)
George Ellery Hale was an American solar astronomer, born in Chicago. He was educated at MIT, at the Observatory of Harvard College, (1889-90), and at Berlin (1893-94). As an undergraduate at MIT, he invented the spectroheliograph, with which he made his discoveries of the solar vortices and magnetic fields of sun spots.
Kris Koenig,
Executive Producer/Director

Kris KoenigKris Koenig, General Partner, Interstellar Studios, shares his love of astronomy with the public through his unique outreach efforts, photography, and multimedia products. His work has taken him all over the world, including most of the major observatories in the western hemisphere. Kris is also founder and director of one of the most successful community observatories, and the nation’s only outdoor planetariums in the country.

Kris Koenig is a video producer from the ground up. His expertise in camera work, interviewing, lighting, editing, and production management is apparent in the ten-hour PBS telecourse “Astronomy: Observations and Theories”, for which he won two Emmy® Awards in 2005, for Instructional Programming and Outstanding Non-news Writer. His footage has been used in National Geographic productions, and his astrophotography graces the covers of nationally acclaimed astronomical textbooks and appears in various publications and videos.

Anita Ingrao,
Assistant Producer

Anita IngraoAnita Ingrao has worked in the field of video production for 17 years. She worked with Kris Koenig as videographer and production assistant for the Emmy® Award-winning 10-hour PBS telecourse “Astronomy: Observations & Theories”. She is currently one of several videographers for the PBS series, Sierra Center Stage, capturing popular band performances at Sierra Nevada Brewery's Big Room. Anita has also worked as videographer, editor, and production assistant for “News Writing” and “English Composition: Writing for an Audience”, nationwide telecourses, by Annenberg/CPB.

Intersellar Studios

Interstellar Studios specializes in producing award winning, multimedia productions that entertain and educate the public about the wonders of space. Interstellar Studios products include planetarium programming, high-definition documentaries, web programming and interactive kiosk design. With experienced personnel and in-house editing suites, the company meets a variety of multimedia production needs.

Dan Koehler,
Executive Producer

Kris Koenig Dan Koehler, General Partner, brings his life-long love of astronomy, a strong educational background in the natural and physical sciences and three decades of professional work in a wide-range of businesses and industries to Interstellar Studios.

For nearly 20 years Dan was actively involved as a director and an officer of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society (MAS), one of the oldest and largest amateur organizations in the United States, and as Chairman of the North Central Region of the Astronomical League (NCRAL). Dan served for three years as a Trustee of the Council of the Astronomical League, a national federation of amateur astronomical societies, raising money to fund a permanent home and paid staff for the organization in

Kansas City, Missouri.

For seven years Dan was the Advertising Sales Manager for Astronomy magazine and the Business Development Manager for the magazine's companion website, He has also authored numerous articles on celestial events and visual observation for Astronomy.

He holds a BS degree (1979) from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA (1987) in Financial Management from Marquette University in Milwaukee.


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