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Germany (1738 - 1822)
Sir Frederick William Herschel was a German-born British astronomer and composer who became famous for discovering Uranus. He also discovered infrared radiation and made many other discoveries in astronomy.
Scott Stender
Director of Photography

Scott StenderScott Stender has worked as a freelance producer, director of photography, writer and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area market since 1983. He has worked for all the major US and International television networks and has won numerous awards for his work. He specializes in high quality documentary work with a Nature/Science emphasis and through this project has developed a new fascination with Space and Astronomy.

Kimberly Generous White

Scott DugdaleKimberly's passion for editing began in her Connecticut high school's Television Production department. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Animation Production from Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York with a concentration in advanced Avid editing techniques. Since moving to Los Angeles, she has edited four independent feature films featuring talents such as Andy Griffith, Paul Sorvino, and Tony Curtis. In addition she has edited show content for various programs airing on PBS's NOVA, The History Channel, NBC, G4, and promotional material for FOX Searchlight. As one of the youngest members of the Motion Picture Editor's Guild under the Picture Editor classification, she eagerly continues to work on a variety of new projects.

Mark Slater
Soundtrack Composer

Mark SlaterMark Slater was born in Reigate, England into a musical family. His father Christopher Slater, a professional conductor and organist, was a professor at Royal College of Music in London. Mark started playing the Cello and Piano at the age of 5. His early musical gifts earned him a scholarship as a chorister in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, followed by a scholarship to one of the oldest schools in the UK, Oakham School. After Oakham School he studied composition at London College of Music and techniques for composing for film at the Ealing Studios (1998), and studied with Nick Ingman and Rodney Newton.
Mark had his debut as concert pianist in 1998 at the Dorking Halls performing Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Sergei Rachmaninoff. He has worked on several films, documentaries, plays, and concert commissions over the last several years since 1998, including Flatland the Film (2007) [Flatland Productions Inc., Ladd Ehlinger].  He worked briefly with David Arnold on The Musketeer (2001). In 2007 he composed music for the Philips Aurea website. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios with members of the London Symphony Orchestra.  In 2005 Mark competed in the Gary Garritan Competition. He was a runner up.

Dan Shimer
Assistant Cameraman

Dan ShimerDan Shimer served as AC/DIT and B-cam operator on 400 Years of the Telescope. Dan has been a filmmaker in the California Bay Area for more than ten years. He has a degree in film and sound recording from the Full Sail Center for Film and the Recording Arts in Florida; he also studied film at the College of Marin. He has worked as a cinematographer, camera operator, AC, and other positions on hundreds of projects ranging from narrative features and shorts, documentaries, commercials, television, high-end corporate, music videos, and more. With a background in film, He knows how to get the best out of the new digital Formats. He uses all kinds of cameras (from HD to 35mm), including his new favorite: the RED ONE.

Krista Shelby
Production Assistant

Krista ShelbyKrista Shelby, Production Assistant, has worked on a variety of small production projects through college, including two short films and numerous pop-culture parodies starring her peers and family. She has written, produced and edited all of her own work.

Nils Koenig
Field Audio Recordist

Nils KoenigNils Koenig is the field audio recordist for the film 400 Years of the Telescope and for the planetarium show, Two Small Pieces of Glass. In addition to his audio responsibilities, Nils assisted the cameramen, set up lights and gear. He is a natural photographer, shooting behind-the-scenes production stills, and exotic animals. Nils also assists his father, Kris Koenig, with the time-lapse photography in the documentary.

California State University, Applied Computer Graphics Program

The Applied Computer Graphics Program is an interdisciplinary degree program at Chico State that embraces computer graphics, computer science, design, and art. The program helps prepare students for careers in diverse fields requiring expertise and knowledge of animation, computer modeling, concept design, storyboarding, video game design, web design, and special effects, as well as the ability to communicate and collaborate with others in diverse content domains. The program provides the students with exposure to and practice in the various aspects to the production pipeline.

The Applied Computer Graphics Program has produced skilled and talented students. Our alumni have entered career paths in major studios (Pixar, ILM, EA, etc.), a host of mid-size and smaller production studios, as well as choosing the entrepreneurial path. These talented students have also produced award winning animations, video games, and music videos during their tenure in the program. In the last three years at the Media Arts Festival program students placed well; 2007 – 1st in Interactive Media with a video game, 2nd in the highly-competitive Music Video segment, and 3rd and 5th in Animation; 2006 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Animation; and 2005 – 2nd in Animation and a Special Jury prize for Interactive Media.

Chico State Game Studios, which has produced such video games as Bronze Age and Viathan, allows students to learn more about the industry pipeline. The group is currently in the process of producing a new game, High Noon, which is a first-person single player steampunk adventure video game.


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