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Space Station
a rare inside view of the next frontier in space exploration

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virtual tour of the space station

Now you can see what the inside of the International Space Station looks like. Tour the available VR modules (colored red) and see where the astronauts will live and work. [Red targets that appear in the surround images will identify the next module; you may click on the name of the module to go inside.] You may use the arrow keys located on your keyboard to navigate around the modules. Please note that some modules can only be accessed through the tour map.

click on the image to take the virtual tour
(tour provided courtesy of NASA)


This tour requires that you have a frame-capable and Java capable browser such as Netscape 3.0 or greater or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater.

The Virtual Tour can be CPU intensive. Please close all other non-essential applications on your computer. The Virtual Tour relies on Java to allow the user to view the orbiter and payload.

Make sure your browser has both Java and JavaScript enabled in the Preferences section.

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*Click on images for captions
Photo credits for all images: NASA.

Additional materials in this section courtesy of NASA and Boeing.


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