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Stories highlighting early childhood education as the key to realizing the American Dream.

Class of '27


Premieres September 2016

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Class of ’27 presents three distinct yet complementary personal stories from places too often ignored in America. Each portrait demonstrates that children from struggling rural communities, despite their circumstances, are more likely to grow into productive and civically engaged adults if they receive support in their earliest years. Committed to supporting the children’s potential, each community shares the characteristics of being places of hope, inspiration and resiliency.

In the hollows of Appalachia, on native lands of the Upper Midwest, and in West Coast migrant camps, families face tough times and the prospect of a compromised future for their children. To explore the challenges, filmmaking teams led by James Rutenbeck, Dustinn Craig and Nina Alvarez set out across rural America to focus on the lives of our youngest citizens in diverse communities. | Official Site


Class of '27: America ReFramed was produced by Lost Nation Pictures 

and the Independent Television Service (ITVS).

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Photo Gallery | Class of '27

Photo Gallery | Class of '27

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