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ChipChip Paucek - Co-President
A native of Florida, Chip graduated from GW Univ. in '92 with a BA in Politcal Comm. The creative head of Cerebellum, Chip has been credited with giving The Standard Deviants their enjoyable and approachable style. When he's not in the office or attending a conference, Chip is an avid Miami Dolphins fan. Chip lives in Virginia with his wife and the official Cerebellum mascot, Hoss.

JamesJames Rena - Co-President
Born in England, James attended and graduated GWU in '92 with a major in Finance. Although James spends most of his free time working, he has admitted to having a certain weakness for overbranded, overpriced German cars. The financial master behind Cerebellum's success, James' philosophy is simple: Have fun while you work!

HossOur Mascot - Hoss
Hi. My name is Hoss. My friends call me Hoser, or Hosehead, or just Hoss. I have been coming to Cerebellum every day since I was born in September of 1994. I am very busy at the office. It's my job to make sure everyone has a good time. I let people play with my toys and take me for walks. I also smile for them or shake their hands if they need some attention. Sometimes I even act.

You can catch me in more than 50 Standard Deviants videos, and now I'm also starring in Standard Deviants TV this fall on PBS. That's right, I'm a TV star! I knew all of my thespian training at Obedience School would pay off big time. I'd ask for my own trailer, but I prefer sleeping in the hallway where everyone stops and scratches my head. Maybe I should get an agent. Does anyone know if the Union admits dogs?

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