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Cerebellum Corporation
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Cerebellum Corporation is the pre-eminent multi-media educational programming producer in the country. Cerebellum has perfected a formula for breaking down difficult subjects into their essential components and energizing the subject matter to stimulate and excite the student viewer. This format has been developed over a six-year period based on the unique ability of Cerebellum's staff writers to learn about the subject first, and then write about it from the perspective of a "learner." It is this formula that is "bottled" in the television series Standard Deviants T.V. Educators, parents and students of all ages recognize the Standard Deviants as a national treasure in a much-needed area of focus for the country: our deteriorating educational system.

Founded in 1993, Cerebellum is the nation's leading resource forhigh-quality educational programs. Housed in a 16,000 square foot production facility in Falls Church, VA, Cerebellum has produced over 150 award-winning educational video and DVD products which are distributed in over 9,000 retail locations.

New River Media, Inc.
New River Media is an independent communications company based in Washington, DC, that specializes in documentary, series and educational television. Founded in 1992, New River Media has become a leading producer for PBS. The company also provides a range of consulting and video production services to corporate and institutional clients.

Among New River Media's recent and current television projects are:

• Think Tank, the weekly public affairs series now seen on 145 PBS stations
• Yogi Berra: Deja Vu All Over Again, a one-hour PBS documentary on the life of Yogi Berra, hosted by Bob Costas
• Omnibus: Television's Golden Age, a two-hour PBS special profiling the last great cultural variety show, with Alistair Cooke
• The First Measured Century, a three-hour primetime PBS special on the social trends that have shaped the 20th century, hosted by Ben Wattenberg
• A Third Choice: Beyond the Two Party System, a one-hour PBS historyof third parties and candidates in American politics