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With Standard Deviants T.V., your television will become an educational tool as never before. Each half-hour episode is a self-contained tutorial featuring high-end graphics, animation, top-notch educational writing, and content presentation by young actors and comedians. This eclectic mix makes for a dynamic learning experience that keeps viewers engaged and wanting more.

We call ourselves the Standard Deviants because we cut across the grain of traditional educational styles. Each program contains clever characters, unique examples and humorous skits to teach and reinforce key concepts. One of the hallmarks of Standard Deviants T.V. is its seamless integration of humor and content.

While a great deal of effort goes into making each program fun, the hardest work of all is to develop exceptional academic content. For each program, a specialized Academic Team is created, which consists of two university professors, an accomplished student consultant, and Standard Deviants staff and comedy-writing specialists. The outstanding writing staff takes the unusual step of learning the subject first-under the watchful eye of our faculty. This allows the team to work together to ensure that the final product is presented from the perspective of a "learner"-clear, accurate and innovative in its educational approach. This formula has taken Cerebellum six years to perfect.