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border Want to dive in and see how climate change actually works its mischief? Enter our Strange Days on Planet Earth Interactive House or check out some Tools You Can Use to investigate the inner workings of our Earth's complex and fascinating climate system.
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Tools You Can Use

Interactive House

Interactive House
Want to know how actions in and around your own home can impact predators? Try out the Interactive House: Predators and see!

Use these cool online tools to educate yourself on the causes, effects and solutions to the disappearance of our top Predators.

Fish Stew Off-site Link
Do you ever think about the environmental impact when you purchase fish? Visit this virtual market and see if you can find the sustainably-caught fish to make an environmentally-friendly stew.

World Wide Wolves Off-site Link
Ever wonder where the wolves are? Use this interactive map to explore the world's wolf population and read interesting facts about wolves in various countries. There's also a quiz where you can test what you've learned.

Virtual House Off-site Link
Discover the effects of everyday items on our planet's biodviersity as you explore this virtual house. Choose a category and begin exploring!

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