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National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth
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border Strange Days on Planet Earth scoured the world to find its wild and bizarre stories featuring some of the planet's top researchers. From the polar wilds of the Yukon to the steamy Amazon jungles to the urban landscapes of Earth's booming metropolises and our own backyards, join investigators in the trenches and find out more about their work.
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Dig deeper into the topics from the "Predators" episode of National Geographic's Strange Days on Planet Earth. Meet the scientific detectives working on these gripping issues and learn about how they became interested in their line of work and what their hopes and fears are for the future.

Jaguars have disappeared from Lake Guri

The Lake Guri Experiment
Not long ago, most of the Lake Guri region in Venezuela was an unbroken expanse of green dominated by top predators like jaguars and harpy eagles. After a large hydroelectric project flooded much of the area and left predator-free islands in its wake, a world of change was ushered in.
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Testing the Yellowstone Aspens

Wolves in Yellowstone Park
Between 1883 and 1917 more than 100,000 wolves were killed for bounty in Montana and Wyoming alone. By the 1970s they were listed as endangered in the US. At about the same time, aspens in Yellowstone stopped regenerating. Could the two be connected?
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Water hyacinth in Lake Victoria

Algae Overruns Discovery Bay
In its heyday, Discovery Bay, Jamaica, like much of the Caribbean, teemed with life. At the top of the food web was a gamut of predators. Sharks, snappers, groupers and jacks cruised nearshore to feed, drawn by a tempting menu of reef herbivores like surgeonfish and parrotfish. Today that vibrant Discovery Bay lives only in photographs. The reef is blanketed by a suffocating layer of algae. What went wrong?
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Checking water quality at a marine management area.

Marine Management Areas
The establishment of marine management areas that include no-take zones as well as closely regulated fishing and recreational grounds are providing promise for the world's oceans. The Caribbean Soufriere Marine Management area, located in St. Lucia, managed by Kai Wulf, is one of these inspiring places. Biologist Satie Airame is also involved in a similar reserve system off the California coast in the Channel Islands.
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