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border WHY SHOULD I CARE? Edward Norton
border In our suburban neighborhoods, cities and rural frontiers, most of us can feel safe from any attacks by large predators. In the battle over territory, we can clearly claim victory. Today, however, many scientists are beginning to question our gain. Predators, it turns out, serve an important function in the web of life. How valuable are they? Follow the links to see how predators impact your life and discover why others think these animals are so vital.
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5 Reasons Why You Should Care

Your Backyard
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Your Backyard
Do you have a problem with deer eating your plants and shrubbery? Are legions of raccoons running rampant through your neighborhood? Do you deal with these unwelcome visitors with stinky repellents and cumbersome traps? Or do you put in countless calls to Animal Control? Not so long ago, many of today's pests were kept in check by large predators. Animals like mountain lions and wolves played a vital role in controlling populations of deer and other prey. Now that predators have been largely marginalized, these prey populations are booming and transforming into pests. It's likely you are feeling the impacts right in your own backyard.

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