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Big Pacific

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Aired: 2017-06-21 12:00:00 0:30 Rating: NR

Plunge into the Pacific to see the ocean’s rare and dazzling creatures.

Big Pacific @ 8/7c

Explore the mysterious Pacific – whose depths we are just beginning to explore. There are many unanswered questions we yearn to unravel, but the ocean doesn’t give up its secrets willingly.

Great Yellowstone Thaw @ 9/8c  

Learn whether the brutal winter weather will favor predator or prey. Can the grizzlies that emerge early survive? Why are wolves and Great Gray owls in danger of starvation? Find out how Yellowstone’s unique geology affects the mighty bison.

NOVA: Making North America: Origins @ 10/9c

See the epic 3-billion-year story of how our continent came to be. From palm trees that once flourished in Alaska to huge eruptions that nearly tore the Midwest in two, discover how forces of almost unimaginable power gave birth to North America.


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