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Think Wednesday continues on Nov. 22, 2017 at 8/7c.

Think Wednesday 

NATURE: Nature's Miniature Miracles @ 8/7c

Great things come in small packages, and animals are no exception to the rule.  From a tiny sengi, the “cheetah” of the shrew world, to a hummingbird who travels thousands of miles north each year, from a small shark that walks on land, to an army of baby turtles instinctively racing to the safety of the open ocean.  We will travel across the world, through vast savannahs to rocky plateaus, and down to the depths of the seas, to shine a light on these tiny survivors of the animal kingdom.  It is a great big world out there, but for these animals, size does not matter.

NOVA: Extreme Animal Weapons @ 9/8c

Explore the secrets that underlie nature’s battleground. Every animal has some kind of weapon, whether it’s claws or horns, fangs or stings. But why are some armaments huge and extreme, far beyond any practical need? 

FRONTLINE: Poor Kids @ 10/9c

View an intimate portrait of the ongoing economic crisis told through kids growing up in the Midwest. The film revisits three families hit hard by the recession and finds them still struggling, exploring what poverty means to children and to the country.

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