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Andrea Mathews, LPC, NCC

Andrea Mathews is an author, psychotherapist, corporate trainer, and motivational and inspirational speaker. She has over 30 years of experience in the mental health field, the last 14 of those in a thriving private practice, providing Transpersonal Therapy and Cognitive Therapy to individuals and couples on a variety of issues. Cognitive Therapy is an approach in which one works with thoughts, self-talk and beliefs to change patterns that are not working and develop new ways of interacting with self and others. Transpersonal Therapy assists persons in developing beyond the personal, through spiritual and soulful connections with self, others and transcendence itself. There is no religion in Transpersonal approaches, in fact one can be an atheist and participate in Transpersonal Therapy, for its main thrust is assisting the person in becoming conscious of and beginning to live out of the authentic Self.

Mathew is the author of Restoring My Soul: A Workbook for Finding and Living the Authentic Self, in which she addresses the transition from mask, costume and role to the authentic Self. Drawing from the theories presented in the book, Mathews hosts a radio show called Authentic Living, on the 7th Wave Network. The show has been syndicated now for over three years with reaches a large international audience. Her guests on show have included some of the world's most profound, prolific, bestselling authors and spiritual leaders, who have helped me to explain the journey to the authentic Self to our listeners. The list of guests includes Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch, Joan Borysenko, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs, Caroline Myss, Dr. Judith Orloff, Thomas Moore, Michael Brown, Dan Millman, Bruce Lipton and many more.

Additionally, she is the author of The Law Of Attraction: The Soul's Answer To Why It Isn't Working And How It Can, writes a blog for Psychology Today called Traversing the Inner Terrain, and is currently working on another book.

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