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Bethany Brown

Bethany Brown has been a military spouse for almost eleven years. She was previously employed by the US Navy as a Biologist but resigned when her husband’s job transferred across country. She is now a stay at home mom raising two children and dealing with the stresses of having a spouse who is away from home more often than not. A graduate of the University of Houston, she is currently working on her Masters in Biotechnology from the University of Maryland University College. In her free time she co-organizes a military playgroup that focuses on getting families with small children out of the house, comfortable with military life, and making new friends. Additionally, she is the Family Readiness Group president for her husband’s command and plans morale activities for the spouses and families left behind during deployments. She and her family reside in San Diego with their two children and two Jack Russell terriers.

Bethany Brown's Content

Memorial Day: A Time to Remember

  • By: Bethany Brown
  • Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, relaxing by the pool or spending the day at the beach, the unofficial beginning of summer and a much needed day off of ...