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Kathy Morelli

Kathy specializes in helping women cope with prenatal and postpartum anxiety and depression. For thirteen years, she has worked with pregnant moms, helping them manage their feelings about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum depression.

Kathy has a family centered focus, helping couples find their way as new parents with their new baby, and helping couples sort out feelings and practicalities about their relationship. Her professional training and life experiences make her familiar with the challenges in the lives of women and their families. These include how to stay true to yourself while being in a relationship with others, in marriage, parenting and divorce situations.

Kathy developed BirthTouch(R) in order to help reduce Mom and baby stress in the childbearing year and to enhance prenatal bonding. She developed Gentle Birthing Methods as an evidence-based way to manage emotions during pregnancy and birthing.

Kathy Morelli's Content (Recent - Older)

Ten Tips on Bonding With Your Kid During Deployment

  • By: Kathy Morelli
  • Helping military families to stay connected when they are separated by distance.