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Mark Eckhardt


Since 1998, Mark Eckhardt has studied Zen Buddhism under the auspices of Bill Yoshin Jordan, Abbot of the Santa Monica Zen Center. He took his first set of Priest vows in 2007 and completed his full ordination in 2008. Trained in both Soto and Rinzai schools of Zen, Mark is part of the teaching staff at the Santa Monica Zen Center, where he assists in ongoing student training and development. In 2008 he founded LYFE Systems, a consulting company that works with professionals in the area of leadership. His work integrates aspects of Zen Training with western methods and science for increasing human performance and effectiveness. Mark currently resides in Los Angeles.

Mark Eckhardt's Content

Zen Bite: In Tough Economic Times

  • By: Mark Eckhardt
  • The team at This Emotional Life asked me to address a post they received from their Facebook fan page:– “How about a blog or something for all of us out ...


Zen Bite: Why Zen?

  • By: Mark Eckhardt
  • People often ask “Why Zen?  Is it relevant in today’s world?”  The answer is yes, very relevant!  Zen training - of which meditation is a key ...