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Experts Biography

Awards and Credentials

  1. Teaching Excellence Award; UCSD Psychology Internship, 2008
  2. Honoree: 3rd Annual San Diego Mental Health Association and A New Path “It Takes a Community” Event, 2002
  3. Health Hero Award -- San Diego Combined Health Agencies (CHAD) 8TH Annual Heroes Awards, 2002
  4. UCSD Mental Health Person of the Year Honoree -- 15th Annual San Diego County Mental Health Recognition Program, 2001

Patricia Hoffman Judd Ph.D.


Dr. Judd is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCSD School of Medicine. She is Director of the UCSD Co-occurring Disorders (Substance Abuse and other Mental Disorders) Integrated Treatment and Research Program, Director of Clinical Training for Allied Mental Health Professionals at the UCSD Outpatient Psychiatric Service, and Director of the UCSD Attachment Institute.

Dr. Judd’s research focuses on cognitive functioning in patients with borderline personality disorder. She also studies characteristics of clients with co-occurring substance abuse and other mental disorders and what factors contribute to treatment outcome. Dr. Judd is a frequent lecturer on these topics. In addition to journal publications, she is the author of the book, A Developmental Model of Borderline Personality Disorder, Understanding Variations in Course and Outcome.