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Adam Gopnik


Adam Gopnik is a staff writer at the New Yorker and the author of Paris to the Moon, Through The Children’s Gate and Angels and Ages: A Short Book about Darwin, Lincoln and Modern Life. Adam Gopnik often writes about the growth of children’s consciousness, the differences between civilizations and they way we come to learn them, and the dilemmas of modernity as they are expressed in the lives and literary styles of modern people. Along with his observations on modern life, Gopnik writes about family manners, in a genre he calls "comic-personal essays." His stories carry a light touch that is genuine in spirit and deep with insight. Adam Gopnik’s work has won him the National Magazine Award for Essay and the George Polk Award for Magazine Reporting. His stories can be found richly represented on the New Yorker Web site. (

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Moments of absolute absorption

  • Adam Gopnik
  • Writer Adam Gopnik finds happiness in being "vigilantly absorbed in some activity."