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Mary was born in Colombia and grew up in Queens, NY. She is a film-maker. She has been fascinated with film from an early age and made her first short with her mother’s Hi8 camera and a VCR. It was horror movie about a high-school girl who murders all her friends in a fit of jealousy told from the villain’s perspective.

Mary has a difficult time controlling her emotions and easily becomes angry. She has verbally and physically assaulted friends and strangers. She describes her rage as an acid that runs through her and takes over her body. She finds it hard to rationalize when something triggers her anger and her inability to control it left her depressed.
After going through therapy, Mary is learning to deal with the issues that are causing her anger and depression. She is also learning techniques to control her emotions and is dealing much better with them.

Recently she adopted a rescue dog that has aggression issues. She is working with an animal behaviorist to help her dog become more calm and social and has even learned a few things about her own behaviors as part of the process.