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Early Attachment Toolkit

Resource Type:
Early Attachment Toolkit
Available Spring, 2010

From their earliest days, babies look to their parents to respond in consistent, sensitive, and loving ways. When caregivers are responsive, babies form secure attachments that give them the confidence to explore, learn, and grow. To further the understanding of attachment, Vulcan Productions is providing important tools and resources to expecting parents and the parents of young infants. Our free toolkit was created for parents to provide information about how the first year of life is critical for developing healthy and secure attachments.

Questions addressed in the toolkit:

  1. How do parents and primary caregivers contribute to the healthy development of their children?
  2. Why is the first year of life important for developing a foundation for healthy attachment?
  3. What can parents do to influence and build healthy attachments?
  4. What are the long-lasting effects of healthy or secure attachment on children?
  5. What are some obstacles parents should know about that can affect their attachment relationship with their children?


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