OBJECT - Line up the tiles to match a section of the periodic table of the elements.

TO MOVE - Click on any tile adjacent to the blank gray square to slide that tile into that space.




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Periodic Puzzle


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Periodic Puzzler Help

This puzzle shows many of the elements used to make transistors. The finished puzzle is a section of the periodic table, so the numbers on each tile are their atomic numbers - that means they increase from left to right and top to bottom. Another helpful clue is that the colors match vertically.

There are many possible paths to the solution. Each may require different numbers of moves. Some people prefer to solve the outer parts of the puzzle first.

Image of chart showing location of the puzzle goes here

Solving the puzzle

To solve the puzzle, decide where you want a tile to go, and imagine a loop that includes that tile, its destination, and the empty square. Then move tiles around in that loop.

Sometimes you will have to move two blocks side-by-side in the loop.

Each time you reload the page, the puzzle starts with a new random display. Some configurations may be easier to solve than others.

If all else fails, see the solved puzzle.

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Periodic Puzzle


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