Alleged Effect of the Hope Diamond's Curse
(as reported in newspapers of 1911 and/or in Maye Yohe's 1929 fanciful book - The Mystery of the Hope Diamond)

Many (if not most) of these events are unsubstantiated:

Jean Baptiste Tavernier
Steals the diamond from the breast of a "pagan goddess."
Is killed by wild dogs.

Louis XIV
Dies of gangrene.

Marquise de Montespan
Mistress of Louis XIV.
Wears diamond.
Loses favor with the king.

Nicholas Fouquet
Guardian of French crown jewels.
Wears diamond for a festive occasion.
Is executed by order of the King.

Louis XVI
Loses his head.

Marie Antoinette
Loses her head.

Princess de Lamballe
Wears the diamond.
Torn to pieces by a mob during the French Revolution.

Wilhelm Fals
Jeweler who supposedly re-cuts the French Blue to disguise its identity.
Stone stolen by his son, Fals is ruined.
Killed by his son, Hendrik.

Hendrik Fals
Commits suicide in 1830.

Francis Beaulieu
Sells the stone.
Dies in misery and want.

George IV
Supposedly buys the re-cut diamond.
Dies in great debt.

Henry Philip Hope
Owner of the Hope Diamond.
Suffers a long series of misfortunes, including the death of his only son.
Dies without a direct heir.

Lord Francis Thomas Hope
Dies bankrupt.
His wife, May Yohe runs off with an army officer.
Forced to sell the Hope Diamond to Simon Frankel for $168,000.

May Yohe
Wife of Francis Thomas Hope.
Dies in poverty.

Simon Frankel
Jeweler who buys Hope in 1901.
His company suffers financial troubles during the Depression.

Jacques Colet
Undocumented owner.
Afflicted with madness ands commits suicide.

Prince Ivan Kanitovski
Undocumented owner.
Murdered by Russian revolutionaries.

Mile. Lorens Ladue of Follies Bergere
Borrows the diamond from her lover, Ivan, then is murdered by him.

Simon Montharides
Greek jewel broker.
Sells diamond to Sultan Abdul Hamid.
Thrown over a precipice while riding with wife & child - all killed.

Habib Bey (aka Selim Habib)
Persian diamond merchant who buys the Hope Diamond for the Sultan of Turkey.
Drowns in the sinking of the French steamer Seyne of Singapore, November, 1909

Sultan Abdul Hamid II
Loses Ottoman Empire in an army revolt.

Abu Sabir
Polishes the diamond for the Sultan.
Imprisoned and tortured.

Kulub Bey
Guardian of the diamond for the Sultan.
Hanged by Turkish mob.

Jehver Agha
An official of the Turkish revolutionary government.
Attempts to steal the Hope Diamond.

C.H. Rosenau
Diamond merchant who sells the Hope Diamond to Cartier.

Pierre Cartier
Sells Hope Diamond to Evalyn Walsh McLean.

Evalyn Walsh McLean
Sued for $180,000 by Cartier (for payment of the diamond).
Mother-in-law dies after purchase.
Son dies in auto accident.
Husband dies in mental hospital.
Daughter dies of drug overdose.
Loses fortune.

Harry Winston
Purchases Hope Diamond
Donates it to the Smithsonian Institution.

James Todd
Mailman who delivers Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian.
Leg is crushed in a truck accident.
Head is injured in car accident.
House burns down.