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Who says young people don't care about politics? While media outlets (including this one) are endlessly trying gimmicks to reach younger audiences, the most relevant content seems to come through when the tables are turned and the coverage is coming from young people themselves.

VoteGopher is a project started by a group of Harvard students that uses interactive features (like a virtual ballot) and blogs to aggregate election information on the candidates.

Scoop 08 is an online newspaper, by and for college students across the country.

Tavis Smiley's Young Voices gathers a select group of diverse young bloggers to talk about political and social issues.

NewsHour Student Voices is topical project that collects editorials and essays by students.

So is this is the Year of the Youth Vote?  Tell us what you think.


Mark E said:

just what the public needs.....another media outlet in the tank for the anti Ameircan Obama. What a joke you people are.

HA! said:

A man who has devoted his life to the US government and studying constitutional law is anti-American? What does that make some someone who can't even spell "Ameircan"? News flash buddy: Just because he's not white like you obviously are, doesn't mean he's any less American. In fact, why don't you tell everyone what you've done for the American people in your lifetime as a comparison.

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