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The days of the 'Bushism' may be nearing a close, but now there's a chance to find the best Obamaisms and McCainisms. With a raw audio tool from PRX you can hear unfiltered gems directly from the trail to get the real story of the day's events ... or maybe just to make a fun spoof.

PRX, a non-profit radio distribution service, allows listeners and producers alike access to a variety of programming. With the Campaign Audio project, you can search for topics like Money in Politics, and find primary sources, from McCain talking about earmarking funds at a stump speech to an original Obama campaign press conference call.

The PRX project is also drawing together original stories from radio journalists and raw audio feeds from the campaign trail.

Then again, using a particularly catchy piece of raw audio for something like the Colbert Report's McCain Green Screen competition would certainly draw the buzz (or maybe 'bump') that any candidate would dream of.


Pam White said:

Sara Palin is not qualified to be vice president and God forbid president. I am a woman and would be ashamed to have her represent me. She is not for women's rights, only for Sara Palin. We want rights for all women not just one not to bright woman in a high position where she can undo any progress we've made.

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