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Where are the religious and political lines being drawn on gay marriage, and how do your views fit in?

While the once-a-decade Anglican Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England brought the gay marriage issue to the forefront in the religious media this week, the candidates have been surprisingly quiet over the marriage rights of same-sex couples.

NPR compared where the candidates stand, but noted that the issue "is risky territory, where they have as much to lose as they have to gain."

Across the pond, however, gay marriage and the Church's role was big news. "I believe a split in the communion is inevitable. It will be a tragedy, but it is unavoidable," British composer Roger Jones told the BBC. Viewers shared their thoughts on the Lambeth conference and what it means for the future of the Anglican Church.

Get perspective at Religion and Ethics Newsweekly from religious leaders in the U.S. on the conference, and the latest polls on how religious voters are viewing the 2008 election issues.

Then take the You Decide challenge on gay marriage to see how your thoughts on the issue match up.

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