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While it seems that there are only four types of people in Denver this week: Delegates, Media, Protesters, and Politicians, in reality the convention is drawing together people from across the U.S. and creating a much larger discourse about politics and the Democratic Party.


Connecting the community and including the citizens of Denver in the excitement through online and offline events, Rocky Mountain PBS and the Denver Public Library had hundreds turn out for I am the Library, a project inviting the public to share their thoughts on civic engagement.



"Dr. King would think of America now as turning a new chapter in its history," honoree Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said of Obama's nomination. "The question becomes, 'are we up for it?'"


Composer David Amram set the words of King, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy to music for the event.


To see how much things really have changed, this slideshow of the library's images from the 1908 convention are set to music from that time, including "Democratic Fun," "Denver Auditorium March," and "Pickles and Peppers". It's quite a different world compared to the soundtrack of top rockers lining up to play in Denver this week.

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