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Leaving the convention podium to Bruce Springsteen's 'The Rising', Joe Biden and Barack Obama solidified not only their status as running mates, but also their choice of an ardent supporter to create their campaign soundtrack.


Like a batter choosing what song to play when coming up to the plate, a campaign theme song has to be something that gets the crowd going. When Bill Clinton arrived at the podium Wednesday night, Fleetwood Mac's 'Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)' immediately sent minds racing back to the 1992 campaign.


This piece from the Washington Post last January gives a complete analysis of the campaign songs that played throughout the primary season and how they were chosen. And NPR's analysis of the most annoying campaign songs discusses good and bad choices that candidates have made. The blog Wilshire and Washington provides more complete coverage of the complex relationship between Hollywood and politics. In the music world, Obama's campaign has had significantly more success than McCain's.


While the Republican candidate is facing a lawsuit from rocker Jackson Browne for using "Running on Empty", Obama's music world friends are creating songs just for him. Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.i.am's 'Yes We Can' video took Hollywood and the Obama campaign by storm earlier this summer, with numerous stars and starlets appearing in the short music video.


The hip hop star is rumored to be appearing at Invesco Field tomorrow, but regardless of who plays the stadium, the crowd will surely be fired up.


Max said:

I love positive pieces like this. I have switched to watching the convention on PBS completely because there is so little negative comment.

MSNBC and CNN have so much negativity and "personal" opinion about everything it drives me mad. They CANNOT say "job well done" about anything or anyone.

Thank you PBS for being there and supporting a positive, growing world.

Sarah Lutter said:

I have to echo Max's comments. I didn't even bother with other network or cable channels this year. It's been PBS all the way! Thank you!

I'm wondering--related to this rock star status/forum--what is the low-down on Obama's campaign manager(s)? I think this week in Denver has been brilliantly planned and orchestrated. Kudos!

Anne Daughtry And Jim Higgins said:

I have not been interested in politic since 1969. Tonight and Tuesday night, I cried, knowing that we can still have heroes.

However, I was really irritated that during the live speech Barak was delivering, on our pbs tv station was the News Hour. We muted the sound, and listened to the PBS radio. I finally tuned to ABC to get live coverage of the speech.
Not a good choice PBS.

We were scared, remembering the gunshots of the 60's and how our heroes fell. We were sincerely worried that Barak and his family were so exposed to sniper fire. It was hard to watch.

A couple of too old for baby boomers in Eugene Oregon.

Sam Al Masri said:

I'm glad that for my ap govt class we were assigned to watch the convention. Here and there our watched and heard bits and pieces of Obama's policys and what he believes in. But after watching the convention and hearing from others and Obama, my views have changed. I watched it on C-span a great news channel, where there are no news reportors giving their side of whats happening but only the speakers speak. I was able to get more out of it then with nbc. I was able to hear Obama, not nbc and what they think of him, but Obama. I watched the video 'Yes We Can' and I got the tickaly feeling in my body, that moved me. That WE Americans need to unite and believe in change. That we need to give it our 100%. To see democrats all come together and unite was very touching.

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