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Sen. John McCain's choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate Friday immediately provided a huge amount of fuel for bloggers and reporters, if only because so little is known about her.

As the networks were reporting and the public began to learn more about Palin, blogs from states across the U.S. had much to say about the surprising pick, including posts from local blogs on C-Span's comprehensive Republican National Convention hub page, which gives a larger sense of the coverage from around the nation:

On the Green Miles blog in Virginia, Miles Grant says, "Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been a champion of a different fight -- the one to try to keep the polar bear from being protected by the Endangered Species Act."

But further south, the Flashpoint blog in Alabama had a different point of view:

Jay Hightower said, "I just watched Sarah Palin's speech - she is an absolutely wonderful choice for Vice President. She is right on issues, she is a great speecher [sic], and she exudes confidence. She also has more executive experience in her own right than does Obama"

Within the campaign, the one person who might give a different type of insight to the pick is McCain's daughter, Meghan. Due in part to her feisty blog, McCain Blogette, she has been called the campaign's 'secret weapon'.

While the older McCain may not be an Internet whiz, his daughter gets the idea.

"As I was standing on stage, I found myself getting emotional about today's historic event and the evolution in the role of women as leaders in politics," Meghan McCain wrote about Palin just after the announcement.

For more on Palin, take a look back to the interviews she's done in the recent past, with Charlie Rose and NOW on PBS, about her role as Alaska's governor and her efforts on corruption. 

Will the women come out for McCain and Palin? How do you think the Republican National Convention will react to the pick in St. Paul?


If I don't know anything else, I know that this Veep choice of John McCain's is about as transparent as glass and I don't think the women of this country can be bought so cheaply!

To pick the unknown, untested person that was the mayor of a city of 7,000 for four years and the Governor of the emptiest state, though the largest, in the country is a clear signal of the desperation McCain feels. Also, it shows how little he knows about women and how the yhate to be taken as fools! Bad move, John, bad move indeed.

PRG said:

If this was an honest appeal to women voters through political and personal experience that would be once thing, but the obvious truth is that Palin would never have been chosen if she were a man. We'd be laughing, in fact, and I don't understand why that isn't the reaction to her.

Euriko said:

I am furious on how McCain underestimates women votersí intelligence and the tactics he plays.
If McCain thinks that placing the inexperienced Ms. Palin against the eloquent Mr. Biden on Oct 2 VP debate can help him win over womenís sympathy for the weaker and thus, the votes, he seriously underestimates womenís minds.

At the time when America is facing so many internal and external challenges, out of so many better-qualified male and female Republicans, why must McCain choose Pailin as VP candidate who, one day, may have to take over the presidentís responsibilities?

T.S.Ackerman said:

In Asia they say: ten men, ten opinions. But now that the dust is starting to settle, I think she's no looking good. Too little experience, a pregnant teenage daughter, a possible scandal in the form of TrooperGate, and perhaps too young and green to be a heartbeat from the presidency.

Shaylo said:

Pallin has more LIFE experience, "executive" experience, small business experience, substance, grace, class and more guts than Obama could ever dream of.

Did anyone see his bio on CNN?

Oh, sorry if you blinked and missed it.

He is an empty poser. I now understand WHY Jessie Jackson said what he said. It all makes sense to me now!

Hopefully, American will wise up and elect a "real" man made of substance and true grit instead of some
want-a-be pansy.

Farkel44 said:

It is evident by the comments who watches the Progressive Broadcasting Service. And the left-wing attack machine will back fire on the donkeys. How many children is it OK to have and still work? Three? Two? If she just would have aborted a couple she may be ok? The Left-wing bias really shows through in times like these. Shield should really be ashamed.. I guess Obama didn't choose ambition over his family when he became buddies with a terrorist? Typical liberal clap trap. They love diversity, but only THEIR type of diversity... A black Republican is labeled an Uncle Tom, and a female should be home baking cookies. Keep it Up.... it only helps shine a light on roaches.

Treat said:

I took a look at Palin's record and Biden's record. IMO it is important to know if the VP nominees are people who I would want to be Commander in Chief just in case something happended to the President. After looking at Sarah Palin's record I came to the realization that she and I have a lot in common. She is a mom with a special needs child, on the PTA, hunter, sport mom; soccer, football, baseball, softball, etc..., wife, Christian, held leadership positions and I still wouldn't want her as the Vice President. Although she has held leadership positions and have done great things for her community I do not agree with her tactics of getting rid of people on her staff who do not agree with her. She does not have international experience. She has not answered any direct questions about the economy, health care, education, or the military. I believe the Republican party chose her just because she's a pretty face. As a female voter who can relate to her on most levels I am insulted. I would have respected the Republican party more if they had chosen Hucklebee or Hillary Clinton at least I know where they stand on the issues that matter to me and to the people of our country.

We need to come together as a nation and get issues addressed and problems resolved. We need to work together. I do not believe that is possible with a maverick who has been doing the same thing for most of his political career who has brought in someone with the same mindset.

I just hope that people are looking at the whole picture and what our candidates have done on the international level rather then just looking to vote for someone because of their race or gender.

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