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There's only one story here in St. Paul, and that's Sen. McCain's vice presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.


While the delegates and GOP leaders are clearly staying on message about the surprising pick, there's much speculation happening in the halls beyond the Xcel Center floor. Does the resounding chorus of excitement inside the Xcel Center extend beyond the convention? How is the Palin pick playing in communities across the U.S.?


Patchwork Nation's Dante Chinni reports that he's seeing a change in the communities the project covers and how they feel about the GOP pick.


"I'm seeing real polarization in our places from Palin. People are falling into their traditional voting  patterns -- defending or detracting. That said the "battleground" community types -- Monied Burbs and Service Workers in particular -- are confused and don't seem to understand the pick.


Chinni added that "One of my folks in Los Alamos thinks that Sarah has actually united Hillary supporters somewhat ... behind Obama."


Back in St. Paul, women leaders from the business world and the Republican party challenged that notion, likening Palin to Clinton and slamming the media for their "sexist" portrayal of Palin.


"Clinton highly tuned women's ears to objectionable, sexist attacks," Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and McCain adviser Carly Fiorina said. And ex-Mass. Governor Jane Swift had strong words for the media, calling the Palin coverage an "outrageous smear campaign."


Will Palin's speech to the convention create an image for her beyond the brief glimpse we got last weekend and update the image that party representatives and the media have created ahead of time?


Cyril said:

I'll go with Mike Murphy's and Peggy Noonan's assessments today:


"I think they went for this -- excuse me -- political bulls**t about narratives...every time Republicans do that, because that's not where they live, and it's not what they're good at, they blow it."


"You know what's really the worst thing about it? The greatness of McCain is no cynicism, and this is cynical."

David Hutchinson said:

The hypocritical, backward looking religious right is more dangerous than the terrorist we are looking for. All of the Republican respondents give a Stepford Wives response. How can you trust people who are so pious with a knife behind their backs.

Norman said:

So far the RNC is leaving me flat! Courage under fire is all well and good, but is that they've got? Where's the BEEF!

Charter Wells, Jr. said:

So far, especially tonight, the guys and gals speachmaking are saying the same things I heard last week from the Democratic Convention. Same old same old Same old promises leading to the same old politics as usual.

David Beede said:

Ms. Palin seems to have neglected to mention that she was FOR that "bridge to no where" before she was against it.

And even though she claims she said "thank you but no thank you" to Washington - she kept the earmark money for that bridge and spent it on other state needs. Yes, she redistributed oil profits to the tune of 1200 to every man woman and child in Alaska - which goes a long way toward explaining her popularity. But instead of using that money for infrastructure, she was happy to use funds from our taxes to tend to infrastructure.

She claims to be against earmarks, yet hired lobbyist to acquire 28 million dollars in earmark funds for her home town of 8000 residents.

I noticed even while preaching to the "converted" she hasn't mentioned her desire for creationism to be taught in public schools, or her desire to ban certain books from public libraries and her propensity to attempt to fire people who don't agree with her.

I'm not sure our children will regain our standing in the world of science by being taught the earth is 6000 years old.

I'm betting that's just scratching the surface.

I'm betting there's a lot more we'll learn about Ms. Palin before this campaign is over.

I'm hoping PBS and NPR and the network news folks won't give Ms. Palin a pass on all of the above.

David Beede

anne gray said:

Does Palin look like Tina Fey or what!?
And u can tell the pregnant daughter was told to never let go of Baby Daddy's hand!

Allen Mathews said:

The NewsHour crew continues to provide the best coverage of the conventions However, I was very disappointed when they continued to talk through the National Anthem after Sarah Pailin's speech. It would have been appropriate to have paused their discussions or to cut away.


C Williams said:

Governor Palin's speech was well spoken, though short on the facts. I predict she will be the Princess Di to McCain's Prince Charles; upstaging him at every turn. I further predict he will come to resent her popularity over his own and regret his choice.

Henry Whaley said:

Governor Palin's speech was good as expected last night.I mean I could have done that. If someone wrote me a speech and gave me all week to practice it. I have no problem with that or her though. What i do have a problem with is her ideas. I'm a black man.And white people like her and the rest of the Republicans scare me. Not in the sense of me being afraid of them. But in the sense of their way of thinking will never change." We are Americans, how a real American looks ". "Country first". Undercover racist.So the real America is 95% white? They are so narrow minded.It all looked like the movie Mississippi Burning to me. Look at that convention last night. No mix of people like the real America looks. Just all white faces. Cheering like this is how a real woman should be. I'm sorry but the average American woman doesn't hunt. And running white small town in Alaska. Is no where as hard as organizing people from the South side of Chicago.I mean seriously I lived in small towns. There's no real problems going on. That's why you move there its QUIET!! ..I just pray that the same people who fought to free the slaves come out. The ones that marched with Dr.King come out. The ones who were out at the Democractic convention come out and vote for Obama. Cause i don't know who the Republicans have been talking to. But as a single father with full custody things are hard for regular folks. And I mean regular folks of all colors. And keeping things the way Bush has them now isn't gonna help us at all..

Susan W said:

Does anyone know which books Sarah Palin tried to have removed from that Alaska library? Can anyone try to find out and post the title/author? Thank you!

Mike Warner said:

I am seventy years old. This is the FIFTH Republican administration under which I have suffered.
I am an honorably-discharged veteran of four years active duty with the USAF. Upon my discharge in 1959 there was no G.I. Bill. Eisenhower's Republican administration had eliminated it when they gave a tax cut to the rich.
In 1960 Kennedy got us out of it by funding the "space program". The country slowly went back to work. This took about two years.
The Democrats later brought back the G.I. Bill to service the Viet Nam veterans. By that time I was supporting a wife and four kids.
In the seventies under the Nixon's (criminal) administration I suffered "wage and price controls" and a reduced speed limit of 55 mph. I worked two jobs to make ends meet. Unemployment was rampant and for the first time the term "techonologically unemployed" came into use, as Boeing, Lockheed and Douglas laid off factory workers including engineers. My kids enjoyed little iin the way of luxuries.
Now, along comes Reagan who gave the Iranians untold caches of weapons called the "arms for hostages" in order to fund the "Iran-Contra deal" an illegal fund-raising scheme to support guerillas in Nicaragua. I wonder just how many of our G.I.'s have been killed in Iraq by those same arms?? This economic disaster was called "Reaganomics". High unemployment, high rates of inflation. It seems the Republicans never change.
Now, George Bush the First. I thought him an honorable man, youngest combat pilot to serve in WW-II. But alas, he gave a tax cut to the rich and we went into another recession.
Finally, we have the current Bush president. It will be hard to determine whether Nixon or George W. Bush has had the vilest presidency. I find it hard as, Mark Twain remarked, to find anything to recommend one over the other.
My credentials? I am an ex-airline transport pilot, father of five, grandfather of eight, great-grandfather of two, honorably discharged veteran, small business owner and entirely ready for a CHANGE!

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