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As the campaigns turn more and more negative, and attacks on specific issues hit the airwaves, getting the real story can be a major challenge. Luckily, technology is coming to the rescue.

Google's Audio Indexing service allows users to find specific audio clips within videos uploaded to YouTube. The project is focusing on election-related content.

A search for "health" within a video of VP candidate Joe Biden speaking in Ohio brings up several mentions, including "...know we desperately need a rational health care policies" - you can click and hear just the part of the speech you're interested in.

PRX's Raw Audio project is indexing speeches and interviews from the campaign trail by using bookmarks and tagging. Want to find all the latest audio about health care from around public media? The raw audio list on health care brings up  everything from the latest NPR produced piece to the audio of John McCain speaking at the Livestrong Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

All this listening has me ready to relive one of the most creative uses of political campaigns' audio tracks -- Saturday Night Live's TV FunHouse skits used raw audio to skewer everyone from Ross Perot to George Bush to Jesse Jackson.


Wallace Spratling said:

I would like to know what either candidate intends to do about the complete and inconceiveable destruction of our US Constitution by the Bush administration. Will the "Patriot Act", "Military Commissions Act", and FISA Ammendments be abolished?

Big Brother said:


We have your IP address. Some gentlemen in suits and dark sedans are on their way to visit.

color code said:

Adding Sounds - HTML Lessons

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