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Going Home Again

People tend to vote similarly to their families and their communities. But over the past twenty years, political parties, suburbs and cities have undergone some dramatic shifts.

Patchwork Nation's Dante Chinni spent part of last week in his hometown of Warren, Michigan, which is representative of the "monied burbs" and is the birthplace of the Reagan Democrats . This year, the area is leaning towards Sen. Barack Obama.

"The place is really getting hammered by the economy. There are commercial properties for rent or boarded up on every nearly every block in Warren and polls in the state show Obama is up by about seven points there. That is huge shift and helps explain why McCain left the state," Chinni wrote.

"Taken together, "Monied 'Burbs" are the most populous county type in Patchwork Nation, with more than 80 million people total. They tend to split their votes between Democrats and Republicans - and Reagan Democrats have fit right in."

But how much money does it take to be 'monied'? Chinni finds that even Joe the Plumber is making well above what the average family in a monied burb makes.  

"A very simple bottom line there... There is NOTHING average about a Joe (or Sam) that makes $250,000 a year, leaving aside the issue about what Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher actually makes," Chinni writes. "No one, including Mr. Wurzelbacher, is saying he would currently have to pay more under Sen. Barack Obama's tax plan, in which taxes would begin to rise at an income level of $250,000. While Wurzelbacher's 2007 income isn't generally known, the average annual income for plumbers is somewhere between $45,000 and $50,000."

Has your community changed its politics in the time you've lived there? What category would you put your hometown in?


Mary Glover said:

"....under Sen. Barack Obama's tax plan, in which taxes would begin to rise at an income level of $250,000. While Wurzelbacher's 2007 income isn't generally known, the average annual income for plumbers is somewhere between $45,000 and $50,000."

I take exception to the above statement--it depends upon job sizes, geographic factors, how much a person works, and how many employees work in his business. Obama's attack on the people who make $250,000 and above. My husband and I have a small business, we employ 18 people, we have a Subchapter S Corporation and the taxes from the business pass through to our personal tax returns. How many small business people in the USA is he going to hurt, and subsequently jobs for the employees. If Obama gets in ---taxation in a recession---brings a depression! The Big Brother Government does not solve anything! How many dollars is it going to take to launch the various programs? I'm with McCain -- it is time to cut the pork and stop the spending and fix things--- not make them bigger. Obama should be the one in the poll --- Do we think he is qualified to be President--- My vote is NO! He has less experience that Sarah Palin! I come from Alaska, and I am very proud of Sarah Palin. She is exactly what she says she is and she does an excellent job. She can make the correct, tough decisions! A vote for Obama is not a vote against trickle down economics; it is a vote for trickle up poverty.

I also have a story where an Obama volunteer misrepresented himself in the Denver International Airport to me and under the guise of "environmental issues" tried to sway my vote. I am for the American Dream and pro family and pro life and cutting government spending and not a socialistic government. I do not want the USA to end up like a third world country with everyone poor! Why should I work hard and make money when I just have to give it away! I might as well go to the left and declare myself "handicapped." I am also sick of the news media only presenting the glorious Obama side. I wonder if you are going to publish my comments?

Michele said:

There is a PBS poll going around asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. Is there a poll going around asking if Barack Hussein Obama is qualified ? Palin has more years of political experience than Obama does.

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