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Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to vote everywhere around the country? Each election year, we hear reports about voting problems (long lines, broken machines) and success stories (record turnout, first-time voters) at polling places from small towns to big cities.

This year, PBS is teaming up with YouTube to create the largest library of Election Day content. We're not sure what we'll find out yet - that's up to the successes and failures of our polling system, and you, as videographers, to report what you see.

We'll be featuring some of the best videos on this site, and on NewsHour's Election Day broadcast. You can submit a video at youtube.com/videoyourvote, as well as explore resources on how to vote, learn about what to look for from archival footage in previous election years, and see election-themed content from PBS shows.

Remember that recording at the polls is not something to be taken lightly. There are complex rules about bringing cameras to polling places, so make sure to check the voter guidelines and state rules.

I still cast my vote in the gym at the elementary school I went to many years ago, and have never been able to see what it's like to vote at an inner city polling booth or in a one-room schoolhouse, or on a Native American reservation. What's it like in your neighborhood? Are you voting in the same place as you did in 2004?


Reven Wright said:

Reports are showing, "under educated males" are showing great support for Obama, who is said to be leading the presidential election. That's exactly who we need determining the next president of the United States. Seriously America, wake up!

Sharon McWilliams said:

Did you ever think about why these males are under educated? It's becuase we have an under educated male in the white house now who does not give two licks about education. Seriously WAKE UP!

Denise J. said:


President Bush has only been in office 8 years. I don't believe he can be held totally accountable for this problem. Hmmmm, who was in before him? Oh yeah, Bill Clinton and he was in 8 years. If these under educated males were at least 2 or 3 when he took office, he was in the there when they were in their formative educational years, right? So, maybe it's not this one president's "fault". Or maybe government in general isn't doing a great job overall (oh yeah, so let's let them run our healthcare system too - look how great the welfare system is working!). We do have a Democratic Congress right now. Is it their fault?

RightWingnut said:

Sorry, PBS, but this is a terrible idea. Voting is supposed to be a private matter. You should not be encouraging people to video who they vote for; doesn't this go against the whole "secret ballot" thing?! This goes right along with democrats supporting getting rid of the secret ballot to determine if a company's workers decide to unionize!...its called peer pressure, PBS, and it is not somthing we want at the ballot box (at least not republicans)...

Leebo said:

I love this project. We need to document the stuff that goes on. And no one is talking about taping people's actual votes. (Duh.) I've already voted, but I hope a lot of people take advantage of this idea. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Babe Early said:

No. Voting should only be a private thing, unless one is in favor of a Socialized, Communistic type of a society.

Jeff Buuck said:

Instead of a poll to see if we believe if Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president how about one that asks if Barack Hussien Obama is qualified to be President. I think that is a much more pertinant question. I think that is one the American people should really be asking themselves.

Tim Huerta said:

Seriously thought a PBS blog would have better informed people commenting, guess not! The Rev, Jeff and Denise apparently are watching FOX news and like to blog on PBS to spread their rhetoric. Good Luck with that . . .

And, it's spelled Hussein, spell it right if you're trying (lamely) to use a middle name to inspire fear (not.)

Walt Auvil said:

WV Code 3-4A-23 prohibits photographing or video recording touch screen or paper trail voting (here in Wood County we use IVotronic machines from ESS). I have photos of the signs issued by the WV Secretary of State prohibiting recording your vote in this way. These were posted at polling places throughout WV.

Kelly Kowalski said:

I am a producer at KNME-PBS TV, and was given an iFlip camera to participate in Video Your Vote. I was the only Santa Fe, NM representative. And I am sad as some of the video clips I have submitted, which were location recorded on YouTube and the Video Your Vote site as SANTA FE, have unfortunately ended up bulked with Albuquerque on the VYV website's map.

Can you please rectify this, so SANTA FE, NM has representation.

Thanks, Kelly Kowalski

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