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The site you have provided concerning Walter Burley Griffin was very informative. But, there was some important aspects of Griffin's and Mahony's relationship that appears to have been overlooked. Certainly, Griffin's love of nature and landscape architecture was an important part of his development. But, you mentioned nothing of his involvement with the Prairie Club. The Prairie Club was an early group dedicated to providing people an opportunity to enjoy their natural surroundings. Griffin was a founding member of the Saturday Afternoon Walks committee which was later named the Prairie Club by famed landscape architect Jens Jensen. Importantly, Dwight H. Perkins, who shared office space with Wright at Steinway Hall, was its founding chairman. Dwight Perkins and Marion Mahony were also cousins. Perkins was the reason Mahony moved to Chicago to pursue architecture in the first place. Griffin's and Mahony common interest in design was not the only reason for their relationship. Griffin often lead the walks of the early Prairie Club through Indiana dunes between 1908 and 1911. That played no small part in their decision to be married near the dunes in Michigan City, Indiana, in 1911.

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