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alter Burley Griffin: In His Own Right chronicles the life and work of one of America's greatest architects. Together with Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright, Griffin would complete the triumvirate of architects who developed America's first original architectural style. It became known as the Prairie School.

alter Burley Griffin: In His Own Right is the story of a man who designed houses and imagined cities.Photo: Walter B. Griffin. It is the story of competing ideologies and professional jealousies. And it is the story of love between two people who shared a dedication to stretching the boundaries of architecture.

rom 1899 to 1914, Griffin created more than 130 designs in his Chicago office for buildings, urban plans and landscapes, half of which were built in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. This prolific period in his career occurred as Griffin molded his own vision of Louis Sullivan's concept of a modern architecture free from the precedents of historic styles.

n 1912, Griffin and his wife, Marion Mahony Griffin,Photo of Walter & Marion. won the Canberra Commission for the design of the federal capital of Australia. That same year, they completed the design of Rock Crest Rock Glen in Mason City, Iowa, which would become their most dramatic American design development of the decade.

et Griffin's success and reputation would eventually be overshadowed by Frank Lloyd Wright who would describe Griffin merely as a "draftsman."


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