Do people tend to give more to panhandlers who are on crutches or in a wheelchair?
Yes, even I give them. Even I give to them. If I saw someone in the wheelchair, with his leg amputated, and I had three dollars, I'd give him a buck. Now that, yes.

Well, that's something that bothers me, 'cause I know people that walk and use wheelchairs to make money. So obviously they're doing better, but they're doing something that I don't agree with. They're lying to people.
I've seen them [the genuinely disabled] doing okay, too. Once people know that you're for real, they will help you out.
Do you think a passerby might tend to distrust someone that they see handicapped because they might think that—
I think, in generally, they would trust the person to be handicapped until they see otherwise.

Do you give to the ill or handicapped?


How You Present Yourself



Between the two, who would get your spare change?
"Nick", who simply asks you for help."Scott", who tries to entertain you.

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