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Operation Homecoming

Gangs of Iraq

Struggle for the Soul of Islam

The Muslim Americans

America at a Crossroads is a major public television event of twenty documentaries that premiered on PBS in April 2007 and concluded in 2009.

This series explores the challenges confronting the post-9/11 world — including the war on terrorism; the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan; the experience of American troops serving abroad; the struggle for balance within the Muslim world; and global perspectives on America’s role overseas.

Films premiered throughout 2007, 2008 and 2009.  These films covered topics of an Army reserve unit deployment in Afghanistan; anti-American sentiments in Europe; America’s role in global stability; pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli activists clashing on U.S. campuses; radical Islam in U.S. prisons; Muslim-American comedians breaking down stereotypes; the trial of Saddam Hussein; Arab musicians exploring how the geo-political climate has influenced their art; and the unfolding drama in a small-town American mosque.

Please consult your local listings for exact broadcast dates and times.

Complete List of Films in the Series

The Anti-Americans (a hate/love relationship) (Premiered August 27, 2007)

The Brotherhood (Premiered April 20, 2007)

Campus Battleground (Premiered November 26, 2007)

The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom (Premiered April 17, 2007)

Dissonance and Harmony: Arabic Music Goes West (Premiered November 2, 2008)

Europe’s 9/11 (Premiered April 18, 2007)

Faith Without Fear (Premiered April 19, 2007)

Gangs of Iraq (Premiered April 17, 2007)

Homegrown: Islam in Prison (Premiered November 26, 2007)

Inside America’s Empire (Premiered September 3, 2007)

JIHAD: The Men and Ideas behind Al Qaeda (Premiered April 15, 2007)

Kansas to Kandahar: Citizen Soldiers at War (Premiered June 11, 2007)

The Mosque in Morgantown (Premiered June 15, 2009)

The Muslim Americans (Premiered April 18, 2007)

Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (Premiered April 16, 2007)

Security versus Liberty: The Other War (Premiered April 20, 2007)

STAND UP: Muslim American Comics Come of Age (Premiered May 11, 2008)

Struggle for the Soul of Islam: Inside Indonesia (Premiered April 19, 2007)

The Trial of Saddam Hussein (Premiered October 12, 2008)

Warriors (Premiered April 16, 2007)

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