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Europe’s 9/11

Homegrown terrorism explodes in Europe

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Demonstrators with signs reading "Peace"

Demonstrators with signs reading "Peace"

EUROPE’S 9/11 explores in-depth the phenomenon of homegrown terrorism through the lens of the bombings in Madrid, Spain and the connections between those bombers and Al Qaeda cell activities in Milan, Italy and the Van Gogh murder in the Netherlands. 

European governments face ever increasing difficulties in identifying potential terrorists among the radical Islamists and in protecting citizens from these internal threats.

Map of Europe with 5 terrorism event indicators
1 5/16/2003 Casablanca Bombings
2 11/20/2003 Istanbul bombings
3 3/11/2004 Madrid Train Bombings
4 11/2/2004 Theo Van Gogh murdered in Holland
5 7/7/2005 London train bombings



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