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STAND UP: Muslim American Comics Come of Age - Premieres May 11, 2008

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Potomac Media WorksOff-site link develops, writes and produces entertaining television programming exploring contemporary and global topics — often leavened with a gently irreverent tone.  Its work frequently focuses on underreported stories and underrepresented groups, phenomena and perspectives.  PMW specializes in documentaries for public television.




“I’d much rather make films that make people laugh than films that make them want to build bomb shelters.”

–Glenn Baker

GLENN BAKER                                   

Baker is a filmmaker with more than 40 documentaries broadcast on PBS exploring global security issues.

Most recently he was Senior Producer for FOREIGN EXCHANGE WITH FAREED ZAKARIA, a weekly international affairs program on PBS co-produced by Azimuth Media and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Baker was Executive Producer for Azimuth Media for the FRONTLINE program MISSILE WARS.  He also wrote and produced ARMING THE HEAVENS, a documentary on the weaponization of space. His film OUR STRANGE LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE BOMB explored the lighter side of nuclear weapons.

Baker’s productions on the military and the media, arms marketing, Cuba, conflict prevention and firearms violence have been recognized with more than a dozen national awards.

He grew up in Asia and the Middle East, living in Muslim cultures for seven years (Turkey, Pakistan, and Tunisia). He is now the president of Potomac Media Works Inc.




OMAR NAIM                                                              

Naim wrote and directed the feature film THE FINAL CUT, starring Academy Award winner Robin Williams, Academy Award winner Mira Sirvino and Jim Caviezel. The film was an official selection at the Berlin Film Festival in 2004 and won the screenwriting award at the Deauville Film Festival.

His thesis documentary, GRAND THEATER: A TALE OF BEIRUT, portrays the theater as a metaphor for the country's tragic civil war.  GRAND THEATER was nominated for a Student Academy Award. He has also directed several short films for RACECAR comedy troupe, 2004-2005.

Naim was born in Jordan to Lebanese parents, and raised in Jordan, Cyprus and Lebanon. He earned a BFA in filmmaking from Emerson College in Boston, where he was involved in student activities, including the position of vice president of the HYENA comedy magazine for three years. Naim lives in Los Angeles and Eugene, Oregon.




LAUREN CARDILLO                                                                            

Two time Emmy award-winner Cardillo recently directed and produced THE MOTHER ROAD, a personal journey down Route 66, and was the D.C. Producer for ON NATIVE SOIL, a film about 9/11 that was considered for an Academy Award nomination.

Cardillo was a senior producer at National Geographic and a producer for CNN. Her work has been on Discovery, A & E, PBS, HBO, MTV, the History Channel and AMC.  She was the creator of the VH1 series, THE BEATLES A TO Z, and has worked with talents such as Billy Crystal, Robert Redford and the Beastie Boys.

Cardillo’s films have explored the savings and loan crisis, the longest footrace across the Sahara, the relationship between Hollywood and Washington, life in a neonatal intensive care unit, childhood obesity, the changing workplace, and prejudice in the cinema —  featuring STAND UP comic Ahmed Ahmed. These projects have also won numerous honors including ACE, Gracie and CINES.


SAM GREEN                                                                                                     

Green has been editing film and video for over 30 years. He formed The Edit Room with his wife Mickey and together they became known for their work on documentaries. He is the 2002 Peer Award Winner in Documentary Editing for the PBS NOVA show WHY THE TOWERS FELL.  That show also was the winner of the National Emmy for best documentary. Sam has edited and produced television shows for National Geographic, PBS, Discovery, TLC & The History Channel. He has won numerous awards for editing, including a National Emmy nomination and the Peabody Award.




NEIL BARRETT                                                                                  
Director of Photography

Barrett is an award-winning director of photography who has worked on over 30 broadcast documentary films for National Geographic,  BBC, PBS, Discovery, NBC, ABC and CNN.

His feature documentaries have been shown at the Sundance, Los Angeles, Amnesty and Silverdocs film festivals. His work has won several awards — a Columbia DuPont award for excellence in journalism, the Edward R. Murrow award for a documentary on the recent war in Liberia, and two Cine Golden Eagle Awards for a National Geographic special on
exploration in China and a History Channel film on archaeology in Italy.

Barrett has a master’s degree in Visual Anthropology, and lives in Washington, D.C.

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