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The Case for War: In Defense of Freedom

Richard Perle advocates and defends neoconservative policies

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With debate over the war in Iraq still dominating policy discussions, this film follows one of the advocates for the war against Saddam Hussein.

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle travels the globe articulating, defending and debating the neoconservative case for an assertive American foreign policy. Perle finds no shortage of candidates willing to challenge him on these issues.

Perle talks with Abdel Brai Atwan in London.

Perle talks with Abdel Brai Atwan in London.

In London Perle talks to one of the few journalists who has interviewed Osama Bin Laden, Abdel Bari Atwan, editor of Arabic newspaper Al Quds. Atwan complains that US foreign policy has brought destruction to Iraq, and US invasion is the cause of current bloodshed and chaos in Iraq. Perle replies that chaos is caused by Jihadists and Iraqi insurgents, and if they ceased their attacks, Iraq could be successfully reconstructed.

Through the course of the film, Richard Perle travels to:

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kabul, Afghanistan
London, England
Moscow, Soviet Republic
Sarajevo, Bosnia
Washington, DC

In Afghanistan, Richard Perle visits Rabia Balkhi Girls' School which was named after one of Afghanistan’s most famous female poets.  This school in Kabul had a rich tradition of educating women who went on to leadership roles in Afghan institutions. 

It was closed by the Taliban and then nearly destroyed.  It is now open and once again educating young women.  Perle explains that fundamentalist Islamic regimes deny basic rights to half their population – women.

Also in the film, Richard Perle talks with Stacy Bannerman (Military Families Speak Out) at a demonstration against the war in Iraq in Washington DC.  Bannerman’s husband served in Iraq and she explains to Perle why she thinks the war was based on lies and why US forces should withdraw. Perle replies that to leave the job unfinished is not fair on those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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