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Brook LappingOff-site link has been described by The Wall Street Journal as '”the acme, the Rolls-Royce” of documentary makers. With a string of Emmys, duPonts and Peabody awards, the London-based company has made some of the most memorable and highly-praised television of recent years, including ELUSIVE PEACE, FALL OF MILOSEVIC, THE DEATH OF YUGOSLAVIA, MAGGIE: THE FIRST LADY, FINEST HOUR, HOSTAGE and THE FLIGHT THAT FOUGHT BACK.

Phil Craig

Phil Craig

Phil Craig
Executive Producer

Phil Craig has worked at Brook Lapping as a producer, series producer and executive producer for the past seven years. Phil has produced highly-acclaimed and high-rated documentary series including his account of Britain in 1940, FINEST HOUR, for BBC and PBS and, HOSTAGE for C4 and PBS, the story of the Beirut hostage crisis of the 1980s and 90s. Phil, a Cambridge history graduate, is also a part-time historian and the co-author of three popular history books, FINEST HOUR, END OF THE BEGINNING and TRAFALGAR: THE MEN, THE BATTLE, THE STORM.

Phil’s recent productions include HI-TECH WAR, a documentary for PBS about the US invasion of Iraq, ACE IN THE HOLE, a documentary for Discovery about the capture of Saddam Hussein, THE FLIGHT THAT FOUGHT BACK, an Emmy-nominated docudrama for Discovery about United Airlines Flight 93, a biography of CATHERINE THE GREAT for numerous international broadcasters including PBS and BLOG WARS, a documentary on political blogging for the Sundance Channel and BBC STORYVILLE.


Producer/Director Mick Gold filming in girls' school, Kabul, with Richard Perle, and Afghan journalist/interpreter Hanif Sherzad - Photo by Joanna Potts

Producer/Director Mick Gold filming in girls' school, Kabul, with Richard Perle, and Afghan journalist/interpreter Hanif Sherzad

Mick Gold
Producer /Director

Mick Gold is a producer and director of many award-winning documentaries. For Brook Lapping he has made WATERGATE, a 5 part history of the downfall of President Nixon (Emmy, duPont-Columbia Silver baton); STAR WARS, the story of President Reagan and the Soviet Union; HOSTAGE, a 3 part series on the hostage crisis in Lebanon (First Prize, History Documentary Festival, Pessac); DEATH OF APARTHEID, a 3 part series on the relatively peaceful transfer of power in South Africa (Emmy nomination); and ENDGAME IN IRELAND, the secret history of the peace process in Northern Ireland (BAFTA nomination, Peabody Award).

His work also includes EUROPE AFTER THE RAIN, a history of Dada and Surrealism; SCHIELE IN PRISON - a study of painting and paranoia in fin de siècle Vienna; VICTORIAN VALUES a 6 part series on the innovations of Victorian society; THE CRIMEAN WAR, a 3 hour history of that conflict told thru contemporary photos and paintings. He has made several films for the BBC series PRIVATE LIFE OF A MASTERPIECE, including Velazquez's THE ROKEBY VENUS, Goya's THE THIRD OF MAY 1808, DEGAS'S LITTLE DANCER AGED FOURTEEN, Delacroix's LIBERTY LEADING THE PEOPLE’ and Dalí’s CHRIST OF ST JOHN OF THE CROSS.

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