America at a Crossroads America at a Crossroads
Discussion Guide

Join the national dialogue and engage in conversation about the challenges confronting the world post-9/11. This guide offers discussion-provoking questions and related video clips highlighting the themes of the PBS television series premiere of America at a Crossroads. Share your views in groups large and small — in your living room, at an Internet cafe, with your church group, at the library or anyplace you spend time with your friends, family or colleagues.

The War on Terrorism

The Conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Experience of American Troops

The Struggle for Balance within the Muslim World

Perspectives on America’s Role Globally

For additional resources on these topics, visit the America at a Crossroads timeline.

Note to Educators: This guide is targeted to a general audience; however, some content is appropriate for high school students. To find out more, visit the Educators Page.

The author of the guide, Greg Timmons, has written similar materials for MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Newsweek Education Program and Frontline.
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