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The Struggle for Balance within the Muslim World

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Question #1
What is the connection seen by Islamic warriors like Ahmed Nasser between the struggle of the prophet Muhammad to forge justice and dignity in seventh-century Arabia and the jihad they say is needed today?

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Question #2
Ayman Zawahiri has declared takfir on anyone who carries out actions contrary to the wishes of the Islamic Brotherhood. How has this practice of takfir caused a split in the Arab Muslim world? How have Islamic fundamentalists used this doctrine to their advantage?

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Question #3
How did Islam come to Indonesia? How does the diverse ethnic population of Indonesia create a different perspective on Islam from its original form?

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Featured in "Faith Without Fear"
Question #4
What does modesty, especially in dress, mean to Muslims? What are some of the reasons Muslim women wear the hijab and others do not? When is there an element of choice in this issue, and when does culture or the state dictate how people will dress?

Question #5
In Islam’s early formation, the prophet Muhammad brought the message of justice and reform to seventh-century Arabia. He opposed slavery and the abuse of the poor and underprivileged, and he stressed the commitment to sacrifice one’s self and personal interests in the service of Allah. How do Muslims today seek to continue those aspects of the prophet’s legacy?


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