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Bankers Trust is proud to be a major national sponsor of WGBH Boston's production of Africans in America. At Bankers Trust we believe that helping to build strong communities is fundamental to economic growth and vibrancy. Africans in America provides a unique opportunity for Bankers Trust to further its support of community development while contributing to an evocative and enduring representation of our country's early history from slavery to the eve of the Civil War.

Bankers Trust Corporation (NYSE: BT) is the seventh largest U.S. bank holding company, with assets of over $172 billion and offices in more than 55 countries. Its principal subsidiaries -- Bankers Trust Company, BT Alex. Brown Incorporated and Bankers Trust International PLC -- hold leadership positions in leveraged lending, high yield securities, equity underwriting and distribution, strategic advisory, and risk management. Bankers Trust is one of the world's largest investment managers, with more than $365 billion assets under management, and is a leading provider of securities-processing services, with $2.3 trillion in global assets under custody. Through its private client group, Bankers Trust provides asset management, brokerage, trust, risk management and other services to individuals and families.

Fannie Mae logo The Fannie Mae Foundation is a proud sponsor of the PBS series Africans in America. We support the vision of PBS to produce a comprehensive historical context on the issue of slavery in America. This acclaimed series highlights the PBS commitment to quality educational programming and provides a special opportunity for families to watch the series and learn together.

The Fannie Mae Foundation, a private nonprofit, transforms communities through innovative partnerships and initiatives that revitalize neighborhoods and create affordable homeownership and housing opportunities across America. The Foundation's sole source of support is Fannie Mae. The Foundation is headquartered in Washington, DC and has regional offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Pasadena, and Philadelphia.

McDonald's logo McDonald's is proud to be a national sponsor of the PBS series, Africans in America. This special program takes viewers on an important journey through the history of slavery, with a fascinating and educational look at how it not only altered the lives of slaves, but slave-holders and American society at large. After all, it's not just African-American history. It's American history.

McDonald's has a long-standing tradition of supporting programming that contributes to strong, healthy communities, and is honored to play a part in bringing this important television event to you and your family.

With more than 23,300 restaurants in 114 countries, McDonald's is the largest and best-known global foodservice retailer. Approximately 85 percent of McDonald's restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees.

NEH logo The National Endowment for the Humanities has provided major funding for Africans in America.

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