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The transcontinental railroad's construction touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Some desired it, some built it, and some did everything in their power to stop it. Browse a photo gallery of settlers, Native Americans, and workers whose lives were affected by the railroad as it traversed the West.||

Native American men and women of the Shoshone tribe pose near tepees in Wyoming Territory. Chief Washakie stands with a wooden shaft and a saw, to the left of the photo. Next to him is a white man wearing a bowler hat.

|Wyoming State Archives;||

A group of Ute Indians on horseback.

|The Andrew J. Russell Collection, The Oakland Museum of California;||

Pioneer families with their covered wagons, migrating across the Great Plains.

|Utah State Historical Society;||

A large group of Mormon emigrants, 1866.

|Utah State Historical Society;||

White and Chinese gold prospectors working together in Auburn Ravine, near Sacramento, California, 1852. Many Chinese immigrants would go to work for the Central Pacific.

|California State Library;||

A Chinese tea carrier outside the east portal of tunnel #8 through the Sierras.

|Library of Congress;||

Chinese laborers at work in a cut.

|California State Library;||

Central Pacific workers laying rail at the end of track, Humboldt Plains, Nevada.

|The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley;||

Mormon workers digging the Union Pacific's Deep Cut #1 through Weber Canyon, Utah, autumn, 1868.

|Utah State Historical Society;||

Union Pacific rolling mill workers, Wyoming. 

|American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming;||

Union Pacific workers eat at their camp in Utah's Uinta Mountains.

|Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, F-18163;||

Telegraph corps at work, Weber Canyon, Utah.

|The Andrew J. Russell Collection, The Oakland Museum of California

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