Brownie Wise urged women to exercise their "will to wish" in her 1957 book Best Wishes, Brownie Wise. After Wise was abruptly fired the following year, Tupperware staff buried thousands of remaining copies of the book.

Be Frank with Yourself

I have said that the women are the flexible females of the species. That they too may drag their complacent feet and that they are too dog-gone easy to please. If you are a woman, there are just three things that you can do about it!

In the first instance -- possibly the easiest retaliation would be to fall back on the old adage, "there is an exception to all rules." And to sit back relieved that you are always one of the many exceptions in life.

Secondly -- human nature might prod you into a virtual rage at being accused of such shiftless shenanigans... in which case you'll loudly demand to know just who I am to take such liberties with your conscience.

And last -- it isn't easy to be frank with yourself. But, if you wish to find your particular success in life, it is the most rewarding reaction of them all!

My approach to you is not that of a prophet, nor do I seek fame as a teacher of the tested thoughts in life. I feel sincerely that I did not indeed discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I found the will to wish. It is my strong conviction that rewards are sweeter when they are shared with those around you. And I come as a friend who wishes that all my friends will find the way to happiness!

A very vivacious young woman sparkled up to me during a recent meeting in Denver. And I will always remember the words she used to describe her confidence in the future.

The conversation stemmed from her knowledge of my wishing ways. She said that since she had learned to wish, the days no longer "just passed." Instead, they moved to the sunny side of the street, allowing tomorrow to parade and excite her with its caravan of opportunities.

"It's sort of a preview of the progress you're bound to make," she bubbled, "when you wake up to what you really can do and open your eyes to the endless satisfaction of believing."

"It's wonderful to be a woman," she said, beaming, "women and wishes just seem to go together!"

"Women and wishes just seem to go together"... I certainly agree that they do! There's no reason for a woman to be waiting instead of wishing... there's too great a chance of being jilted by happiness!

Get going ladies! You're not denied the suffrage of success... in fact, you never were. Mark your wishing ticket well, if you elect to have a better world to live in.

There's a place in that parade for you!


Excerpt from the chapter, "Women, Wishes, and Wonder" in Best Wishes, Brownie Wise. 1998 reprint, Tupperware Corporation.

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