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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the British version and the American version of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW began in England over 24 years ago on the BBC and what you see on our programs is taken from the BBC's 23rd season of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK is produced for PBS by the BBC in association with WGBH Boston.

The broadcast of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK in the US is made up of current shows from the BBC that have been slightly modified for the American audience; we added currency conversions, added on-air identification of the appraisers and edited the programs to fit the US standard one-hour program format.

The American version of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is produced in the US for PBS by WGBH Boston. In 1996, WGBH Boston obtained rights for a version of the show to be produced and broadcast in North America. The American series is now in its sixth broadcast season. For information about the American series please visit ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Online at

How many shows are there and when will they be broadcast?

There are 20 ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK programs in the 2001 - 2002 schedule and you can find the schedule at our Web site at

Who is the host of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK?

The host of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK (called the "presenter" in the UK) is Michael Aspel, a seasoned British television personality. Read a recent interview with Mr. Aspel.

What happened to the former host, Hugh Scully?

Hugh Scully was the host of the UK's Antiques Roadshow for many years. He retired after Season 22.

What is the theme music for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK and can I get a copy?

The theme music was made especially for the BBC's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. The composers are Paul Reade and Tim Gibson, and the piece is published by Air Edel. Unfortunately, it is not currently available in either sheet music or recorded formats.

Where will the British ANTIQUES ROADSHOW travel to next?

For information about future tour dates, please see the On Tour section of our Web site at


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