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ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK's trip to Cliveden produces some unusual finds, including a 19th-century boxing belt won by a female pugilist, a valuable jewelry collection unearthed from the trash, and a Stanley Spencer sketch of the owner's father who was the baker in nearby Cookham.

19th-century boxing belt appraised by Roy Butler

Boxing belt Host Michael Aspel is surprised to discover that a champion's boxing belt was awarded to the owner's mother! The owner's mother started exhibition boxing with her husband where he invited the audience to experience boxing with a lady. Roy Butler is impressed by the fact that the Boxing Champion's Belt was made before British women even had the vote but says that women boxers were actually less controversial in 1915 than they are today. It's very rare to find female boxing belts, however, and he thinks that it could fetch over £1,000 ($1,500) today.


Jewelry collection appraised by John Benjamin

Jewelry Collection Treasure from the most unexpected places often turns up at the ROADSHOW but never before have such wonderful objects been discovered in the trash. The owner, a garbage woman, has brought along a selection of jewelry and other items that have been dumped in her trash over the years. She digs very deep for her finds and sometimes looks in rubbish that "other people wouldn't touch." John Benjamin is amazed to find among the collection some beautiful jade and gold jewelry made around 1925, a gold brooch with a Sri Lankan sapphire and diamonds, a necklace made of valuable fire opals with diamonds on a platinum chain, and an intense blue-green opal ring made around 1915. This whole collection, all of which had been thrown out with the rubbish, is worth between £4,000 and £6,000 ($6,000 and $9,000). On hearing of the value the owner says to her son, "Find yourself a woman and you can have them!"


Stanley Spencer sketch appraised by Peter Nahum

Spencer Sketches Local artist Sir Stanley Spencer came from Cookham, which is just down the road from Cliveden, so it is appropriate that one of his sketches should be brought to expert Peter Nahum. This one is of Frank Francis, the local baker, and as Peter says, "The people of Cookham were the people of his paintings." The owner, who is the daughter of Frank Francis, agrees and says that he did indeed appear in several of Spencer's religious paintings. Surprisingly it only took him half an hour to complete this drawing. Although the family was promised the sketch, it ended up at auction in London but was bought by her sister-in-law for £160 ($240). Peter says Spencer was a very important artist in British art history and a great draftsman, "It's a beautiful drawing" and has that 'x' factor, which would make it worth £20,000 to £30,000 ($30,000 to $45,000).


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