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Program 105

Knebworth House


A spectacular Satsuma pot with intricate detail, a bronze marine chronometer, and a diamond brooch saved from a garage sale are just three of the exciting items that were brought to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK appraisal event at Knebworth House.

Hand-painted Satsuma pot appraised by David Battie

Satsuma pot The Japanese-made Satsuma pot has decoration that David Battie describes as "breathtaking." Each panel is hand-painted with landscapes, people and animals, and some are signed by the artists. However, he is rather worried when he hears that this special pot is kept on a shelf in an office and convinces the owner that it should be kept in a cabinet from now on. The pot is a family item which has been handed down over generations and the owner is very surprised when David values it at £8,000 to £10,000 ($12,000 to $15,000).


Bronze marine chronometer appraised by Richard Price

Marine chronometer A marine chronometer was left to the present owner in the will of a drinking pal about six years ago. It was made by Parkinson and Frodsham, of Change Alley in London. The box is fully brass-bound and made of coromandel, which is very unusual, and indicates it was probably made originally for an expensive yacht. It is valued at £5,000 ($7,500), and the owner comments that it will "pay off the bar bill that he left then, won't it?".


Diamond brooch appraised by Geoffrey Munn

Diamond brooch Geoffrey Munn thinks the owner has "gimlet eyes" in spotting that this diamond brooch is rather special. It was among a box full of trinkets she was asked to take to a garage sale by the husband of a friend who had died. She thought it was too good to be sold for £1 ($1.50) and brought it along to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW UK, where she is delighted to find it is a segment from an Edwardian necklace and worth £2,500 ($3,750).


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