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We strongly encourage you to use natural language when searching.

If you enter a search query that includes more than one word, the search software will find all pages that use at least oneof the words. Thus, if you search for the phrase

finding silversmith marks

you will find any page that has at least one of the words "finding," "silversmith," or "marks."

The search software uses an OR method as the default way to find your information; when you search for the phrase above, the search engine interprets this as:

finding OR silversmith OR marks

and returns found pages accordingly. If you find that searching for a couple of words or for a simple phrase returns too many irrelevant pages, you can use OR and the other operators AND, NOT, W/n, ADJ, and NEAR, by themselves or in combination, in order to further restrict the search:

finding AND silversmith AND marks

If you use these operators, be aware of the precedence rules, which the search software uses to decide which portion of your search to evaluate first.

The search software also does some stemming: it strips your search terms of suffixes and returns searches based on the root word. If you search for:

imported brushes

the software will return all pages that use "import", "imported," "brush," or "brushes."

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