A Science Odyssey Title 'Sending Messages' Title

Camp-In Curriculum: Putting It Together -- Camper Survey

Compare your results with campers from the A Science Odyssey Camp-In

Are you male or female? Male Female
How old are you?(enter age in years) _______________________________
In what month were you born? _______________________________
Are you left handed or right handed? Left Right
Are you left eye dominant or right eye dominant? Left Right
Can you roll your tongue? No Yes
Are your ear lobes attached or unattached? Attached Unattached
What does PTC paper taste like to you? Bitter No Taste
What is the pattern of the fingerprint on your left index finger? Plain Arch
Radial Loop
Ulnar Loop
Tented Arch
Double Loop
Central Loop
How quickly did you react to a falling ruler? (enter centimeter mark where you caught the ruler) _______________________________

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